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Amaryllis: FL5

The floral style of the Amaryllis fixture is in perfect harmony with pathways along densely planted garden areas, tucking in neatly among the vegetation and casting light outward. The Amaryllis combines design inspired by nature with precisely machined and gasketed components, resulting in a beautifully crafted and mechanically superior rendition of a traditional style fixture. With an adjustable shade, careful lamp placement and highly fluted petals, the fixture delivers a profuse output of soft, warm light. The light is directed forward and down onto paving while backlighting enough to highlight bedding color and adjacent accents. Ideal spacing would be from 10' to 20' on center with 15' being the perfect balance between economy and performance. The Amaryllis is built to withstand the test of time and backed by Auroralight's no hassle Lifetime Warranty.

Product Spec Sheet

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