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Sumatra: MSL30

The Sumatra represents the finest in Auroralight engineering to date. It incorporates features like our new "Storm Drain" lens drainage system that sheds water off the glass fast, so buildup on the lens is eliminated. "3p" aiming is unrivaled offering over 900 degrees of adjustability divided among 3 separate planes, out maneuvering the competition. The Sumatra MSL utilizes a state of the art energy efficient electronic ballast and CMH lamps from GE; offering extreme performance and high reliability with minimal maintenance. Complemented by over 10 different solid brass mounting solutions with 6 lamps in varying wattages and beam spreads; the ideal combination is at your fingertips! For the ultimate in durability specify on PM4 pedestal mount set in concrete; add a 8x12 telescopic riser in shrub or ground cover areas for reduced maintenance. Manufactured exclusively in the USA by Auroralight and backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Product Spec Sheet

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