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The Company

Company president and lead designer Michael Joye founded Auroralight in 1996. His guiding vision: to build a better landscape lighting fixture, capable of enduring the coastal California environment without sacrificing aesthetics or craftsmanship.

From the beginning, Mike knew he had to work with materials that were both durable and elegant. The aluminum and plastic fixtures on the market lacked refinement and consistently failed under beachside conditions, so Mike settled on pure copper and solid brass for his new designs. These materials have since become the hallmarks of the Auroralight brand, enabling our luminaires to withstand the effects of salt, sea, and time with grace. In fact, you'll find many of the original MARINER SL16 Spotlights that Mike hand-built nearly 20 years ago still shining in landscapes throughout Southern California..

As Auroralight approaches its 20th year, our award-winning designs and uncompromising quality continue to raise the standard of excellence for the entire landscape lighting industry. We bring state-of-the-art engineering, CNC Machining Technology, and decades of real-world landscape lighting experience together to produce a family of exceptional products…products designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in California, U.S.A.

Simply put, no one else does what we do. For those who seek the finest in precision-engineered, architectural-grade lighting and accessories, Auroralight is truly the exceptional choice. Estate-quality lighting and accessories that deliver a lifetime lighting solution…guaranteed.

The Auroralight factory headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

In 2010 we upgraded our landscape lighting to all LED fixtures. We now have over 100 LED fixtures installed featuring both warm and cool white lamps. This installation consumes only 450 watts v.s. 3000 watts for the same layout using halogen lamps, reducing electricity use by more than 80%.

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